Saturday, November 28, 2009

jakarta fashion week (lennor)

I do had some issue when trying finished my final project. one of them is to find a literature for chapter 2. Example: how is fashion show in Indonesia?, how do you feel about that?, is it good enough(in interior way)?, and bla bla bla???

put in mind, its really little possibility for collegian getting invitation for a fashion show. So i'm gonna write on (about the experience seeing a fashion show) in interior designer way (jeheeee..)

please do remember:

a. this area is not permanent

b. they do the event on Mall

c. the visitor is already got the ticket (they don't get the ticket on site)
(ok lets repeat together)

Here we go:

1. Circulation of visitor

security check (w/ metal detector) 2 security -> foyer -> ticketing check (they use barcode system w/ 2 computer and about 3 people on duty) -> (a path to) watching area -> (a path to) exit area -> red carpet (w/ so much photographer standing at)

2. Circulation of model (at catwalk)

They use I type for the catwalk,

I type catwalk

it fit till 2 model walking side by side

3. Material + facilities at watching area
a. Sitting area
There 6 row at this area, and each row can hold until 8 people
Material : fin. carpet col. black

they using transition area for photographer

b. catwalk area
- cieling: fabric or canvas col. black. w/ truss structure to hang up the lamp

remember: it doesn't mean that u MUST using black material for all of this

- wall : LED background (showing the illustration and of course advertisement snap)

the screen can move horizontally

- floor: glossy material like acrylic (i'm forgot the name is), its modular and can refracted ray from the lighting

lighting is one of important thing on catwalk

Hmm, i guess that all for information. have a blessing final project ; )

media: Jakarta Fashion Week, free ticket from Mba Chitra Subiyakto (thank u so much Mba :D ), nicest friend Osie

ps. kindly do more research pals..


killtheluckybastard said...

ahh.. bikin ngiri..

eh ini di mall apaan si tew?

its libertys sound said...

di Pasific Place ris..
wah, padahal ada tiket lebih tuh ris. kalo ada acara, gw kasih tau ya, sapa tau lu mau moto..