Sunday, October 24, 2010

quick sketches before bed

media: water colour, drawing pen
ps. 1st illustration after returning to Jakarta

Room by Room Happening Gathering

Finally Room by Room happening gathering accomplished. until now, i still can expressing my felling about how happy and blessed I am. Thank God :)
here come some picture, before and during the event

some product

a few photos before the big day

the day

Mr. Arjon from HDII

the Mc, Jemmy and Karin

Agra from Ghost

the crowd

the crowd

Grace Sahertian and Christian Dylan

the young designers from Aptidati


media : Aptidati, Alun - Alun Indonesia, Living etc, and a lot of friends :)
ps. cant wait for the next Aptidati exhibition :)
ps 2. you can see the Room by Room exhibition at Alun - Alun Indonesia, Grand Indonesia shopping town until 31 October 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Room by Room Exhibition

come and feel the excitement!
there will be the designer gathering, bands, and lots of cheers!!

An exhibition of 15 chambers of idea by young interior & product designers.
Presented by Aptidati & Alun Alun Indonesia.
Media partner by Living etc magazine & Fold magazine.

They are:

1. Abie Abdillah
2. Afini Dwinastary
3. Agustinus Hutabarat & Khrisnani Oetari Warokka
4. Angie Parameswari, Dayu Fatsy Asyari, Ruslan Hanafi
5. Ariani Kuntari, Indra Hadiansyah, Yunus Adhimukti
6. Aurora Rintya Ayuningrum, Raka Gemma Maulid, Kartika Chandra Nurmala
7. Esa Anggita S, Ivan Christianto, Iqra Firdausy, Mitra Tobing
8. Fitri Vidyawati
9. Mohhamad Lutfie
10. Novita Napitupulu
11. Ranggi Achdiat
12. Saskia Pratiwi, Anggia Agdini
13. Sofwan Softwo
14. Theodora Janenita
15. Tri Pratiwi Handayani, Meirina Triharini

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

#14 step in your shadow


the tree and walking desk who stand w/ their own shadow

illustration for my concept

the shadow

the bag

another view from the shadow


Step in your shadow

shadow is something unreal-- imagination--a space which not taxable by rays.

i tried to made something unreal-- imagination-- a space which not taxable by rays, became a main structure from the object.

from a shadow, a unique creation can be born

Friday, October 08, 2010

pin for bag

made some pin for completed the bag

the pin

and the bag

media : used material
ps. u can look up them at my booth in Room by Room Exhibiton :)