Friday, August 27, 2010

please don't get rid of the old

media : pencil, watercolour
location : Wiesloch | Deutschland
ps. this is my 1st experience drawing a vehicle


pillofes said...

Hello there, I'm interested at ur art.
Have ever thought about selling this very fine piece?
Coz I'd like to be the one who have it.
U shud draw vehicle more often, have u tried an old aeroplane as an object? I think u shud give it a try.

its libertys sound said...

hi Pillofes, thank u so much for u'r comment.

i've already sell couple of them :)
and in october, me and my friends gonna make some exhibition at Jakarta (Grand Indonesia shopping town) , i'm planning to sell some art, card, fashion item and furniture too.

i'm so honored that u want to have one of them :)

wow, old aeroplane. nice idea. it's a big challenge, but i will try :)