Sunday, October 24, 2010

Room by Room Happening Gathering

Finally Room by Room happening gathering accomplished. until now, i still can expressing my felling about how happy and blessed I am. Thank God :)
here come some picture, before and during the event

some product

a few photos before the big day

the day

Mr. Arjon from HDII

the Mc, Jemmy and Karin

Agra from Ghost

the crowd

the crowd

Grace Sahertian and Christian Dylan

the young designers from Aptidati


media : Aptidati, Alun - Alun Indonesia, Living etc, and a lot of friends :)
ps. cant wait for the next Aptidati exhibition :)
ps 2. you can see the Room by Room exhibition at Alun - Alun Indonesia, Grand Indonesia shopping town until 31 October 2010

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